Bijan Berahimi

Portland, Oregon


b. 1989

Bijan Berahimi is a Portland (via Los Angeles) based graphic designer who received his BFA from CalArts in 2013. Shortly after graduating he relocated to Portland to work on the 2014 World Cup for Nike Soccer’s brand design team. There he worked to help define a visual language for Nike’s voice throughout the the world cup across multiple global campaigns and special projects. At the end of 2015, Bijan spent five months in Facebook’s Analog Research Lab as their first ever Designer in Residence. Producing a wide range of printed works and community driven projects to enhance and inspire the internal community at Facebook.

In 2014, Bijan founded FISK, a contemporary art and design gallery in Portland with colleague Michael Spoljaric. The gallery hosted 14 exhibits from 2014 until 2016, bringing artists from Los Angeles, New York, Europe and beyond to his home of Portland. Each artist produced a range of objects, prints, murals and installations in conjunction with their exhibits.

Bijan currently operates his own studio practice working for clients both in the cultural and commercial fields. His practice takes the form of commercial projects, art direction, book design, record packaging, type design, image making, design education, curating, editing, and printing. As well as a personal art practice in the form of artist books, objects, prints, collages, and drawings. Berahimi is a general instigator for the development and integration of design in his community.

This Image by Bijan Berahimi

November 12, 2015
Portland State University
Works and Words from 2009—2015


Capitals by Bijan Berahimi

Opening Night May 23
Dialogue May 24

Designers Talking
COMB Gallery, Milwaukee 2015


CalArts Lecture

Our return to our alma mater, with a lecture entitled Things We Didn’t Have To Do on February 9, 7pm, F200. Projects were presented in the context of ‘things we didn’t have to do.’ Because we feel the most passionate about those things, rather than the ones we had to do.

For the lecture we produced a limited run of 50 foam fingers with ‘CalArts’ set in Keedy Sans and an after the fact poster that Chris and I designed and printed. Those were both things we didn’t have to do.

Collaboration with Chris Burnett.


Santa Fe University of Art and Design

November 1—9. Lecture and workshop with Chris Burnett in magical Santa Fe, New Mexico.


Through A Glass

Photo by Chris Burnett



R.I.P 2009—2013 in Valencia, California.
Resurrected 2014 in Portland, Oregon.


Freedom Drawing




Client 2013—


Los Angeles Collage


CalArts BFA 2013

I graduated from CalArts in 2013 with a BFA in Graphic Design. This is part of my graduating class.