Bijan Berahimi

CalArts Print Fair 2012

The event setup





April 2012

I organized and initiated the first ever CalArts Print Fair. It gave students in all programs the opportunity to share what they make with not only other students but the greater public and community of Los Angeles. There were workshops held by Dylan Lathrop of GOOD Magazine and The CalArts Collage Association. Lectures by Ed Fella and Amir Fallah of Beautiful/Decay. There were over thirty vendors in total. Along with organizing the event, I also created all of the promotional material including the poster and environmental graphics.

“Last weekend Kyle and I took a short trip up the 5 to CalArts for their first ever Print Fair. We were invited by our friend Bijan Berahimi. You can read a full review of the event over on Los Angeles, I’m Yours if you’re interested. I personally wanted to touch upon the nature of the print fair, and how the art and design community should encourage more things like that to happen.

I feel like there aren’t a lot of opportunities for young people to showcase their work in the real world these days. On the Internet it feels like you’ve got a million different venues, but not in the physical world. Maybe this is a Los Angeles problem? But I doubt it. Having a REAL event is especially important with something like a print fair, where you can grab a zine, flip through it, smell the ink on the paper. There’s a tactile sensation that gets lost when you view an artists work online. The whole thing really inspired me.”

- Bobby Solomon, The Fox Is Black

“The show highlights a very exciting, new phenomena in Los Angeles: a huge budding of graphic arts and design booming in Southern California.”
- Kyle FitzpatrickLos Angeles, I’m Yours



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Poster in collaboration with Chris Burnett