Bijan Berahimi

FISK #006 – The Apocalypse Issue





Left: Anton Jeludkov

Left: Anton Jeludkov

Right: Ed Fella

Right: Ed Fella

Left: Hayden Smith / Right: Kevin Paolozzi

Left: Hayden Smith / Right: Kevin Paolozzi

December 2012

For the sixth issue of FISK I decided to theme it around the Mayan Apocalypse. I asked contributors to submit a piece of work to what could be the last issue, just incase the Mayan’s prediction of the world ending on December 21st came true.

Additionally we asked contributors to submit one line of text on what they would do the day before the apocalypse. Those quotes are presented throughout the publication anomalously, as one train of thought.

All 98 pages were printed on my Risograph in my apartment. The two color cover was screen printed at CalArts on heavy weight chip board. Then we perfect bound each issue together by hand. Only 90 copies were made in total, which we have none left of.

An image from the launch party / ceremony.

… we designed, printed, bound, and distributed this publication with our friends work. Incase the prediction by the Mayans, who believe that a cataclysmic event will occur on December 21, 2012. Which could hypothetically result in this being the last issue of FISK. What better than celebrate our uncertain deaths and make a publication together?

Along with a visual contribution, we asked contributors to supply us with one sentence of how they would spend December 20, 2012. If, hypothetically, we were all going to cease to exist the following day…

Full contributor list: Aaron Bjork, Andelee Lin, Andrea Williams, Andy Tran, Angie Bac, Anton Jeludkov, Anton Pearson, Armando Mtz-Celis, Augusto Piccio, Benjamin DuVall, Bijan Berahimi, Brian Thompsen, Brittney Meyer, Brooke Irish, C.W. Moss, Calvin Rye, Chris Burnett, Christine Shen, Dan Sinclair, Dasom Kim, Ed Fella, Gabriel Gonzales, Hayden Smith, Jenny Song, Kevin Paolozzi, Laura Bernstein, Lee Noble, Lila Burns, Lorena Reyes, Mallory Strong, Matt King, Mitchel Cox, Nathalie Kim, Pierre Nguyen, Ryan Corey, Sarah Gottesdiener, Sarah Shoemake, Sarah Young, Sean McCormick, Stephen Lee, Taylor Giali, Tiffanie Tran, and Sahir Khan


Edited by Bijan Berahimi and Laura Bernstein

Cover designed by Bijan Berahimi, Pedro Lavin and Chris Burnett