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Los Angeles Aqueduct Day




Los Angeles Tote Bag




Los Angeles Aqueduct Day is the least noted, most important nonexistent holiday in Los Angeles. Every Sunday during the month of November I had a pop-up shop & make-shift museum at the Melrose Trading Post in Hollywood, California.

I shared the story of how water came to Los Angeles through the celebration of this make-believe holiday. I created a range of ephemera, which are shown above, for the holiday and sold the items at the space.

The story of how water came to Los Angeles is quite controversial. Rather than taking a specific stance or ignoring certain aspects I decided to present the story as two-sided, letting the viewer make the decision on which side they supported. Each side is represented by it’s own color. Blue represents the synthetic city we live in today with all of it’s artificialness and the state in which Owens Valley once was. Brown represents the semi-aired desert that L.A. was meant to be, and the state in which we left Owens Valley

This is how the project existed.

This is how the project existed.

Below are some of the great people I met during this project.


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Curated by C.W. Moss
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